Concrete Reinforced Plastic Rebar Mesh Chair Support

Model:CWRRC3 Material:PP Concrete Cover:1"-1 1/4"-3 1/2"-4" Color:Black  

Products Details

1.Each chair has two height settings for more versatility during installation. 2.Applications include slab on grade, insulated sandwich panels, vapor barrier, poorly compacted or loose soils. 3.Support mesh or rebar, accommodates rebar sizes to 3/4" in diameter 4.Will not puncture insulation or vapor barriers 5.With grey and black or as your option

Item No.

Concrete Cover

For Bar Diameter(mm)



CWRRC3-01 25/30mm 1"-1 1/4"






CWRRC3-02 25/40mm 1"-1 1/2"
CWRRC3-03 40/50mm 1 1/2"-2"
CWRRC3-04 50/65mm 2"-2 1/2"
CWRRC3-05 65/75mm 2 1/2"-3"
CWRRC3-06 70/80mm 2 1/2"-3 1/4"
CWRRC3-07 75/90mm 3"-3 1/2"
CWRRC3-08 85/100mm 3 2/5"-4"
CWRRC3-09 90/100mm 3 1/2"-4"
Rebar Supports Ensure Proper Concrete Cover: Rebar—the common term for the metal bar used to reinforce poured concrete—must be embedded to the proper depth (known as cover) in order to provide the proper strength. Rebar chairs, or similar devices, are used to prop up the rebar, separating it from the concrete form or subbase, so that the rebar is embedded in the concrete to the specified cover depth. There are many types of chairs and other supports available for different applications. Choosing the right support for a particular project depends on several factors, such as the type of surface beneath the concrete, the type of concrete formwork, and the design specifications of the project. Common support devices include:
  • Standard rebar chairs
  • Spacer wheels
  • Multi-level rebar chairs
  • Tip (round-cap) spacers

Standard Rebar Chairs

The most common type of chair simply suspends the rebar off the ground so that it becomes fully embedded in the concrete as it is poured. They are often used on foundation footings, concrete slabs, and other flatwork. The chairs may be made of metal or plastic or other non-corrosive material. They provide stability and are lightweight, economical, and easy to install.

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